12-cell Lithium BMS Module


Note: Mating plugs for cell connector and CAN connectors are included.

Lithium batteries have been a revolution in energy storage, but can be easily damaged if overcharged or over-discharged. In battery packs built from many cells, the overall pack voltage offers no guarantee of individual cells remaining within safe voltage range. Therefore a battery management system is required to monitor individual cells voltages and respond if any cells go out of range.

The ZEVA BMS12 module offers a robust, automotive-grade solution for managing the lithium battery pack in your EV, reporting cell voltages and temperatures over CAN bus to a master control unit.

Each module can manage up to 12 cells. An onboard module ID selector allows up to 16 modules to operate on the same CAN bus, for packs containing up to 192 cells. (Note that the standard modules are only rated for up to 600VDC battery packs. A higher voltage rated version is available for packs between 600V-1000V. Please contact us for more information.)

Voltage thresholds can be programmed over CAN bus to suit almost any battery chemistry such as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), Lithium Cobalt (LiCo), Lithium Manganese (LiMn), Lithium Titanate etc, and will work with any cell capacity. Onboard shunt balancers maintain pack balance by bleeding a small amount of power from any high cells at the end of each charge cycle.

For a complete battery management system, BMS12 modules must communicate over CAN bus with a BMS Master Control Unit, which is able to take action (either stop the charger or shut down the drive system) if a BMS12 reports a cell voltage out of safe operating range. ZEVA provides two MCU options, the EVMS Core and the EVMS Lite.

Please view the manual/datasheet for further information on the module's specifications and operation.

Optional 3D printed plastic housing now available, offering some weather and impact protection.

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- Cells managed: 312 lithium cells per module
Maximum module voltage: 60VDC
Maximum system voltage: 600VDC (1000VDC by special order)
High, low and shunt voltage thresholds: Configurable, 0-5000mV
Accuracy: Within 0.25% (<10mV)
Operating temperature range: -40C to 85C
Pack balancing: Timed 30ohm shunts (~120mA, up to 1hr)
Temperature sensing: Optional dual 100Kohm NTC thermistors
Cell quiescent current draw: 1.6mA (idle) 2.2mA (when sampling)
CAN power supply: 12V nominal (7-16V range), 20mA
CAN bus specification: 125kbps, 2.0A standard
Dimensions: 80 x 75 x 10mm
Weight: 60g

Datasheets & Manuals:




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