EVMS Monitor V2


Note: The V2 Monitor is discontinued but we have a version of the V2 firmware that runs on the V3 monitor hardware, so will normally ship this instead. Please contact us if you specifically need V2 hardware.

The EVMS Monitor is designed to work in conjunction with all CAN-based ZEVA products including EVMS Core, EVMS Lite and MC600C motor controller. Built around a 3.2" full colour touchscreen, the Monitor enables viewing of a range of operating information from within the cabin including:

Operating status of the Core plus pack voltage, current, power, state of charge, temperature and auxiliary voltage.
BMS summary information including cell count, highest/lowest/average cell voltages, and state of balance.
Detailed information on each BMS module including every cell voltage (to within 0.01V), temperature inputs, and shunt balancers.
Visual and audible alerts to warn the driver of any operational errors detected.
Motor controller status, voltages, current, power, operating temperature, throttle level, and a range of possible error conditions.

The EVMS Monitor also includes a Setup mode for configuring a range of operating parameters for all devices on the CAN bus.

The Monitor is available in an enclosed housing with adjustable foot for dash mounting, or a flat panel mounting.

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Supply voltage: 12V (8-20V max)
Current draw: 120mA with display on, 20mA display off
5-pin CAN bus port for comms and power (Molex C-Grid SL)
Dimensions (dash mount variant): 110x75x25mm

Datasheets & Manuals:



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