CAN communication cable


Note: These cables are intended for V2 series products only, and have Molex C-Grid SL connectors fitted. V3 products use pluggable screw terminal connectors so it is generally easiest and cheapest to order the Shielded Twisted Pair cable by itself and cut/strip to length.

Older ZEVA devices (EVMS Core, EVMS Lite, BMS12 up to V1.7, EVMS Monitor V2) use Molex C-Grid SL connectors for CAN bus wiring. Some people find these troublesome to assemble, so we now offer a CAN cable assembly service. They are made using quality shielded twisted pair wire (Belden 8723 or equivalent) for maximum noise immunity, with crimped and soldered Molex C-Grid SL connectors on both ends.

A range of common lengths can be preselected above, but we are also happy to do custom lengths as required - simply round up to the next nearest length for each required cable, then contact us with exact lengths after ordering. Different plugs on one or both ends may also be requested, such as those used on the EVMS Core and motor controllers.

Note: Most of the cost of these pre-made cables is labour. Cable and plugs can also be purchased separately if you'd prefer to save money by making the cables yourself.

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