MC600C Motor Controller


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Files are provided under the open source MIT License.
A copy is included in the ZIP archive.


Note: Feel free to contact us if you are building your own MC600C as we may have some remaining parts, such as central heat block ($50), busbar set ($50), current sensor ($40), end panels ($10ea), PCBs ($5ea), etc. No extruded housings left for the MC600Cs though sorry!

The MC600C is ZEVA’s third generation of DC motor controller, designed to be one of the best value, most reliable and easiest to use motor controllers available for electric vehicles. Featuring an extremely tough, weatherproof anodized aluminium housing, smooth throttle response, silent operation at all times, and the latest in power semiconductor devices to achieve an efficiency of over 99% at all times.

The MC600C also supports an industry-standard CAN bus interface for optional remote monitoring of controller status and statistics, reprogramming of settings, and even throttle control over CAN bus. The MC600C is compatible with ZEVA’s EVMS Monitor for simple plug-and-play integration.

A range of operating parameters are programmable over CAN bus, including battery and motor voltage and current limits, throttle ramp rates, throttle type, and motor idle functionality. The MC600C supports all common throttle types including 0-5V Hall Efffect, 2-wire 0-5kohm, and Hall Effect Pedal Assemblies. Built-in multicolour LED provides visual feedback on a range of conditions such as over/under voltage, thermal cutbacks, throttle errors, overcurrent, and various possible (but unlikely!) internal faults.

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Battery voltage: 12-144VDC (9-175V absolute maximum)
Power supply: 12VDC (200mA)
Maximum current: 600A
Continuous current: 200A
On-resistance: <1mohm
Switching frequency: 16kHz
Fully isolated logic and power *circuits
Thermal cutback and shutdown
Independent hardware overcurrent detection
RGB status LED
Housing dimensions: 202x140x95mm
Weight: 3.5kg

Datasheets & Manuals:



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