Gigavac HBD41


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ZEVA is now a reseller for Gigavac products, and we have chosen to stock a selection of products commonly used by our customers and with our BMS / EVMS products.

The HBD41 is a manual disconnect switch rated for up to 1000VDC and 400A continuous. These are often used as a “maintenance switch” in high powered electrical systems, to isolate the battery from the rest of the traction circuit. We recommend a manual disconnect switch in all electric vehicles which only have a single contactor, so that you have way to disconnect all loads from the battery manually, and can work on the vehicle safely.

The HBD41 is hermetically sealed for use in harsh environments, and may be installed in any orientation.


Weight: 0.4kg
Max operating voltage: 1000VDC
Max continuous current: 400A
Overload current: 2000A (1 minute)
Overall dimensions approx 120mm high x 72mm wide x 112mm long
Terminals: 2x M10, 32mm apart
Mounting: 2x 8mm holes, 100mm apart
Temperature range: -55C to +85C
Hermetically sealed (exceeds IP69)
CE approved
Can be mounted in any orientation

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