Gigavac P195 Minitactor


Note: The wholesale price of these minitactors went up a lot recently, so we have stopped carrying them. Kilovac LEV100 contactors are a good alternative (and now more economical), available from Digikey, Mouser, RS Components and Element14/Farnell.

ZEVA is now a reseller for Gigavac products, and we have chosen to stock a selection of products commonly used by our customers and with our BMS / EVMS products.

The P195 Minitactor is a great option for switching high voltage DC loads where you don't need the current rating of a larger contactor like the GV240. It is very compact and about a third the weight of most contactors. It is hermetically sealed for operation in harsh environments, and suitable for up to 80A continuous at 1200VDC.

Note that the Minitactors do not have coil suppression built-in, but we will supply them with a suitable transorb.

We stock two versions of this contactor. The 12V (coil) model is most commonly used in EV applications and with our EVMS. There is also a 48V coil version available, which can be used with our 16-cell integrated BMS, and powered directly from the 48V battery pack (avoiding the need for any step-down converters).

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Weight: 0.14kg
Overall dimensions approx 54mm high x 30mm wide x 81mm long
Main terminals: 2x M4, 12.7mm apart
Mounting: 2x 4mm holes, 72mm apart
Temperature range: -40C to +85C
Coil current: 170mA for 12V model, 45mA for 48V model
Hermetically sealed (IP67)
Can be mounted in any orientation

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