Gigavac GV240 Contactor


ZEVA is now a reseller for Gigavac products, and we have chosen to stock a selection of products commonly used by our customers and with our BMS / EVMS products.

The GV240 series is our favourite contactor for most electric vehicle and stationary battery applications. It has a compact size, dimensionally compatible with the legacy Kilovac EV200 contactors. It is hermetically sealed for operation in harsh environments, has a coil economiser for low continuous current draw, and built-in coil suppression. Its 800V 400A rating is sufficient for the vast majority of applications.

There are several models available. The 12V (coil) models are most commonly used in EV applications and with our EVMS. These can be purchased with or without an internal auxiliary switch (used for detecting faults such as seized contacts or coil not energising). There is also a 48V coil version available, which can be used with our 16-cell integrated BMS, and powered directly from the 48V battery pack (avoiding the need for any step-down converters).

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Weight: 0.44kg
Overall dimensions approx 72mm high x 80mm wide x 60mm depth
Terminals: 2x M8, 26.7mm apart
Mounting: 2x 5mm holes, 68.3mm apart
Temperature range: -55C to +85C
Pick-up current (75ms max): 3.9A for 12V models, 0.97A for 48V models
Holding current: 0.23A for 12V models, 0.042A for 48V models
Hermetically sealed, to meet UL1604 standard for use in hazardous locations
IP67 for water immersion up to 30 minutes
SAE J1171 and ISO8846, external ignition protection
CE conformance
Built in coil economisers for low current consumption
Built-in coil suppression
Can be mounted in any orientation

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