12-16 Cell Integrated Battery Management System


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Lithium batteries have been a revolution in energy storage, but can be easily damaged if overcharged or over-discharged. In battery packs built from many cells, the overall pack voltage offers no guarantee of individual cells remaining within safe voltage range. Therefore a battery management system is required to monitor individual cells voltages and respond if any cells go out of range.

The ZEVA BMS16 was designed to address the need for a simple, reliable and easy to install BMS for 48V stationary backup and off-grid lithium battery packs, which typically use 15 or 16 LiFePO4 cells. The BMS16 includes built-in switchmode power supply, running off the monitored batteries, to avoid the need for any separate supply. To avoid the possibility of over-discharge caused by the BMS itself, it can switch its own power off if any cells get critically low. (Note: The "always on" behaviour of the BMS16 is best suited to off-grid and battery backup applications. For vehicle applications, we recommend the EVMS and BMS12 combination.)

The BMS16 features dual solid state output relays rated at 1.3A continuous for directly switching large power relays or contactors. It also has a CAN bus port, allowing remote monitoring and system configuration from our BMS16 Monitor, or digital integration with third party controllers.

The BMS16 uses programmable hysteresis bands for the high and low voltage thresholds, to allow for automatic operation (no need for manual resets) without rapidly cycling external devices. For example, the BMS16 may disable the charger when a cell hits 3.8V, then will automatically re-enable it some time later when the cell drops below 3.4V.

Internal shunt balancers maintain pack balance by bleeding a small amount of power from any high cells at the end of each charge cycle. The BMS16 has a temperature sensor input which can automatically shut down the battery in cases of over-temperature, and a current shunt interface which is used to calculate battery current, power and state of charge.

The BMS16 may either be factory-configured, or user-configured when used with a BMS16 Monitor. Please refer to the manual (right) for details of programmable settings.

Note: Current shunt ratings are for continuous duty, but the BMS16 can measure at least twice rated current intermittently. We recommend the smallest current shunt that will cover your requirements, as this maximises resolution and accuracy.

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Cells managed: 12 to 16 cells
Supported chemistries: LiFePO4, LiCo, LiPo, LiMn
Maximum total voltage: 60V
High, low and shunt voltage thresholds: Factory configurable between 0.00-5.00V
Accuracy: 0.01V
Dual solid state relay (SSR) outputs, 60V 1.3A max
Status LED for visual feedback
Internal switchmode power supply
Internal shunt balancers (~120mA)
Dimensions: 167x86x18mm
Mounting holes: 2x 4mm, 160mm apart

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