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Many legacy motor controllers require a 2-wire 0-5kohm variable resistance throttle signal. Unfortunately the potentiometers used as throttle devices tend to wear out and become unreliable over time, causing erratic vehicle behaviour.

To address this shortcoming, ZEVA created the Digital Pot Adapter, which allows the use of modern, reliable hall effect throttles with legacy motor controllers by converting a voltage to a resistance.

Output resistance is floating and galvanically isolated from the input, to avoid any possible grounding issues. Outputs are high resistance (virtual open circuit) when powered down. This device is best powered from a key-switched 12V supply such that it is only on when the vehicle is running.

The input side takes a 12V supply and has three wires (5V, ground and signal) to connect to normal 3-wire hall effect potboxes. The output side simply has two output terminals with variable resistance across them.

At just 51x27mm, the adapter is small enough to mount inside common hall effect potboxes, or simply splice into a wiring harness.

The DPA should work with any controllers requiring a 0-5kohm throttle. It has been tested successfully with Alltrax, Curtis, Kelly and CafeElectric controllers.


- Supply voltage: 8-20V
Power consumption: Approx 20mA
Dimensions: 51x26x8mm
Weight: 10g

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