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5 July 2008: Wiring it all up, reinstalling the interior.. and the first drive!

So, the car is finally drivable - one year to the day since the project commenced!

And I'm pleased to report everything has been smooth sailing lately. The front equipment shelf was installed in place at the rear of the engine bay, above the motor, and the power cables hooked up to the motor as shown in pictures 1 and 2.

The brackets were welded onto the bottom of the front battery box by Morrison Engineering, so that went in next and the rest of the batteries were installed as shown in pictures 3 and 4, and connected up to the front equipment shelf. You can also see the two large cables heading to the rear pack, connected (electrically speaking) midway through the front pack.

The potbox (a Curtis PB-6) was installed on the left of the engine bay (looking backwards) and coupled to the original accelerator cable. I also had to add hold-down bars across the top of the front battery box to make sure the cells can't lift (e.g going over bumps etc), and a polycarbonate cover over the top allowing visibility (for viewing the BMS modules, or just for showing it off) but preventing electric shocks/shorts. Then with the bonnet back on, the engine bay was complete!

All that remained now was reinstalling the interior (dash, seats, softtop, rollbar, stereo, steering wheel), putting the wheels back on, and the car was ready for its first test drive.

There are a bunch of rough edges which I'll have to tidy up before it's ready for licensing.. e.g I need to hunt down some smaller wheels (licensing say these ones are too big). The Kelly controller proved to be terribly underpowered so I've borrowed a Curtis 1231C from Rob Mason to replace it temporarily - until I get around to building something better (it'll be a good test platform for the upcoming ZEVA controller)!

But nothing major remains, and I hope to have it licensed in the next few weeks. I am very much looking forward to retiring the old dino burner permanently!


(1) Front equipment shelf in place

(2) Connecting up the motor wiring

(3) Front battery box - under construction

(4) Front battery box - done!

(5) Installation of potbox / throttle

(6) The completed engine bay

(7) Halfway through reinstalling the interior

(8) Wheels back on, and we're done!

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