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16 May 2008: Installing the motor and drivetrain

It's only been a week since the last blog entry but today marked the completion of a significant milestone - installation of the motor and drivetrain!

The sturdy motor-tailshaft coupler was completed earlier this week thanks to Rob Mason @ MPC, as shown in the first pic. I also added some removeable side panels to this back section of the frame for a bit of extra strength and protection.

With help from my father handling the engine crane and myself under the car, we carefully lowered the frame down through the engine bay and into the old gearbox tunnel. Leaving the tail end supported by a trolley jack, we got the bolt holes for the engine mounts lined up and loosely inserted the two M10 bolts.

Once we had it approximately in place, we inserted the tailshaft onto the spline and fitted it up to the differential. The aluminium C-section frame, which rigidly joins the differential with the motor frame, came next. All the tolerances were rather tight so it was a huge relief when everything all fitted together correctly! With this frame in place, we then tightened up two bolts at the old engine mount points.

Finally I hooked up a low voltage test rig to the motor and, hallelujah, it works!


(1) A closeup of the motor-tailshaft coupler

(2) Added side panels for a bit of extra protection & strength

(3) Engine crane used to lower motor & frame into place

(4) The front was supported by a trolley jack as it went in carefully!

(5) View from below, installation complete

(6) View from engine bay, with 12V test rig

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