Here you can find out more about some of the electric vehicle (and related) research and development projects ZEVA has been involved with. Projects are listed in reverse chronological order (newest projects first).

June 2014: Honda NSR150 Electric Conversion
Construction information and photos from the conversion of a Honda NSR150 to electric - featuring a wide range of ZEVA products!


March 2014: Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder V2
A new and improved design for building your own CD Spot Welder, used for attaching nickel strips to small batteries for assembling them into packs.


April - December 2012: Mazda RX7 Conversion
A construction journal for my latest project, a high performance EV conversion based on a 2000 model Mazda RX7 Type RS. Intended for race track use as well as daily driving!


18 March 2012: Lithium Battery Management System
Discusses a lithium BMS I designed for my RX7 EV conversion. Free downloads of Eagle schematic/PCB files and AVR Studio project, for those who may wish to build their own.


12 January 2012: Extreme Performance Mobility Scooter
What happens when you put a 30kW drive system into a mobility scooter? World record attempts, and wheelies on half throttle.


6 January 2012: DIY Capacitive Discharge Battery Spot Welder
Some information about building your own spot welder for battery pack assembly.


18 July 2011: WA Electric Vehicle Trial - Ford Focus Conversions
In 2011, I assisted EV Works with the conversion of eleven Ford Focuses as part of the WA EV Trial. The purpose of the trial is to evaluate electric vehicle performance and acceptance with fleet operators.


28 February 2011: Digital Potentiometer Adapter
Design of a digital potentiometer adapter, for interfacing hall effect throttles with motor controllers requiring resistive throttle inputs.

October 2010: Steve Gates' Nissan Silvia Conversion
In 2010 I helped a friend of mine, Steve Gates, convert his Nissan Silvia to electric. Click the link above for more information about the project. (Steve is chairman of Sustainable Energy Now)
22 January 2009: Development of an EV Monitoring System
Some design information about a conceptual prototype developed to provide instrumentation, safety and monitoring systems in an EV.
26 November 2008: Motor Controller Design: A Photo Journal
A gallery of pictures showing the iterative design of a DC motor controller for EVs.

21 July 2008: Curtis 1231C Repairs
Some pictures and information on repairs of a damaged Curtis 1231C motor controller

6 July 2008: Ian Hooper's Mazda MX5 conversion
In 2007 I started my first electric vehicle conversion, on a 1990 Mazda MX5.

29 January 2008: Headway LiFePO4 Battery Testing
Test results for two larger format LiFePO4 batteries from Headway in China.

4 January 2008: K2 LiFePO4 Battery Testing
Test results for four of the LiFePO4 batteries available from K2 Energy.
8 October 2007: Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Testing
A comparison of five high power LiFePO4 batteries currently on the market, with a view to use in EVs.
14 September 2007: Dewalt DC9360 Disassembly
Step by step guide to taking apart a DC9360 battery pack and extracting that A123Systems goodness!
27 July 2007: Electric Trolley Motor Controller
Construction of a replacement motor controller for a utility vehicle at a plant nursery. My first foray into designing and building motor controllers. Full design plans after the link.


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