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As of October 2021, ZEVA has ceased operations and is no longer taking orders, but support is still available for previous customers via the contact form below.

Due to the form receiving excessive spam, phishing and marketing messages, it now requires an original order number to be provided (which should match the name or email). You can search your email inbox for "ZEVA Order" to locate your order(s). Alternatively if you can't find an order number, you can use the AEVA Forum to send a private message to user zeva. Apologies for the inconvenience - spammers are ruining the internet for everyone.



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ZEVA is a sole proprietorship owned and managed by Ian Hooper.
Please note that ZEVA is a very small business, so to keep overheads (and prices!) low, we run from a home office.
Visits by appointment only, and we do not offer phone support unless necessary!

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